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Alcoholic Cocktails

Alcoholic Cocktails

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Alcoholic Cocktails

Alcoholic Cocktails

In 1862 Jerry Thomas created the first club cocktails pre-made for faster service in his bars and saloons. Jerry quite literally wrote the book on cocktail mixing and he soon realised that the key to making great cocktails is to make in bulk and let mature allowing the flavours time to merge and mellow creating a unique taste.

Fast forward 156 years and Bottling International try to employ that same innovation and spirit of adventure in to every bottled cocktail we produce. Whether you have our in-house mixologists create your next amazing beverage or, like Jerry and so many of our inspiring clients you’ve created your own cocktail and are now looking to take that next step look no further than Bottling International

Cocktail Mixing Service

  • Drinks Development

  • Materials Procurement

  • Industry Compliance

  • Mixing and Filtration

  • Filling Carbonated or still

  • Bottling into 10ml to 1 Litre

  • Canning into 250ml to 500ml

  • Crown cap, ROPP or Plastic Screw Cap

  • Pasteurisation

  • Branding Advice

  • Label Design

  • Labelling and Packing

  • Storage and Order Fulfilment