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Contract Canning

Contract Canning

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Contract Canning

Bottling International “Yes We Can!” Best Choice for Contract Canning

Whether it’s a Cold Brew Coffee, Carbonated Soft Drink, Energy Drink, Craft Beer, Kombucha Tea or an Alcoholic Cocktail we have a wealth of experience and knowledge from 1000’s of clients across the globe and 1,000,000’s of litres of beverages bottled and canned annually.

The aluminium drinks can has become an increasingly popular choice for drinks brands in recent years and there are very real benefits for both manufacturer and consumer alike when opting for the humble can.

  1. Cans are impenetrable to light improving shelf life.

  2. Cans are airtight and oxygen free improving shelf life.

  3. Cans cool down quicker resulting in a better tasting beverage.

  4. Aluminium cans are the most environmentally friendly drinks container.

  5. Aluminium cans offer greater branding opportunity than traditionally labelled bottles.

Bottling International’s ethos has always been flexibility that’s why we can many types of drinks still or carbonated, alcoholic and non-alcoholic. Our 50,000sqft drinks manufacturing facility can accommodate production runs from 300 to 100,000 litres.

Canning and Labelling Services

  • Drinks Development

  • Materials Procurement

  • Industry Compliance

  • Mixing and Filtration

  • Filling Carbonated or still

  • Canning into 250ml to 500ml

  • Pasteurised preservative free drinks

  • Branding advice

  • Label Design

  • Labelling and Packing

  • Storage and Order Fulfilment

           Why not drop us a line and see how can help your business.